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命esolution II




The Golf Series


AGolf Series 6
©Golf Series 6

Golf Series 9
©Golf Series 9

Golf Series 10
©Golf Series 10

Golf Series 11
©Golf Series 11

©Golf Series 5

Golf Series #7
©Golf Series 7

Golf Series 8
©Golf Series 8

©Golf Series 2

©Golf Series 3

©Golf Series 4

Landscape to Abstract Series


©Thinking of Ted II

固hinking of Ted III


咎edona Abstract II

咎edona Abstract II-2


咎edona Abstract III

咎edona Abstract III - 2


©Abstracted Winter Stream

呸bstracted Winter Stream II

©Abstracted Winter Stream II-2




©Sneffels Autumn Abstracted

咎neffels Autumn Abstracted II


命ed Rocks Abstracted

命ed Rocks Abstracted II


Four Seasons Series



This expressionistic series was so freeing to paint, was completed in about two hours, (or came spontaneously from 50 years of painting!) and symbolizes the many inner changes I am experiencing at this time in my life. I hope you enjoy them!

Land Pattern Series

Land Pattern 1
Land Pattern 2
Land Pattern 3
©Land Pattern #1
©Land Pattern #2
©Land Pattern #3
Land Pattern 4
Land Pattern 5
Land Pattern 6
©Land Pattern #4
©Land Pattern #5
©Land Pattern #6
Land Pattern 7
Land Pattern 8
Land Pattern 9
©Land Pattern #7 SOLD
©Land Pattern #8
©Land Pattern #9 SOLD
Land Pattern 10
Land Pattern 11
Land Pattern 12
©Land Pattern #10 SOLD
©Land Pattern #11
©Land Pattern #12 SOLD
Land Pattern 13
Land Pattern 14
©Land Pattern #13 SOLD
©Land Pattern #14

During a trip back to Ontario, Canada in May 2003, I was just blown away by the colours and shapes of the land patterns while driving through the Missouri Valley in Iowa. I was inspired to create these abstracted land pattern paintings. Hope you like them.

Iris Inspired Series

Iris Inspired I
Iris Inspired II
©Iris Inspired I
©Iris Inspired II
Iris Inspired III
Iris Inspired IV
©Iris Inspired III
©Iris Inspired IV

Other Abstracted Landscapes

Pallette Scrapings
©Pallette Scrapings
Down on the Farm
©Down on the Farm
Bear Creek Inspiration
©Bear Creek Inspiration (Diptych)
©Bear Creek Inspiration II (Triptych) SOLD


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