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"The Golf Series"




The Golf Series 2016
Aerial Views of Golf Courses
"The greatest show on grass"
                        ...Author unknown


Me, My Dad and my brother practicing shots. These are for you, Daddy and Lawrie.


I’ve been a “golfer” ever since I can remember. Dad was a scratch golfer and we always had a golf club in hand. I have two “almost hole in ones” to brag about. When I was ~16 I hit a shot off the tee on a par 3 and almost immediately heard a kid yelling: “Lady, lady!” It had hit the pole and bounced off. I tapped it in for a Birdie. Then years later at Wellshire I hit my first shot on #9 across the ditch onto the green in front of the clubhouse window and it hit the pole. I tapped it in for a Birdie! The two fellows playing with Dave and I and the spectators in the club were so excited, we quit then and there……quit while you’re ahead!


I’m a golf junkie for sure. Thursday through Sunday I have golf on the TV. I started watching the fly overs and views from the Snoopy 2 blimp and I was mesmerized. I had my next Series! In between shots, I would sketch mythical golf courses. It was like being a golf course architect.  All of these paintings are “Abstracted” aerial views of golf courses. #6, the large piece always brings the comment: “Where is this?” I really don’t know! I made a lot of it up! I always say: where do you think it is? I love it when viewers can put themselves into a piece and it can be “Wherever you want it to be!” So I named it “Where you want to be”.


It has been such fun “abstracting” them. I can’t stop; they’re filling up the studio. There isn’t space to hang them all so I invite you to go to my website to see them all here.

“Golf is the only sport where your opponent is yourself…..the only other element is nature”
 …..Robert Redford, Director of “Legend of Bagger Vance”

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