Leslie Allen  


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Candians Figure Skating
©Canadians Figure Skating SOLD
Candians Ice Skating
©Canadians Ice Skating
Canadian Figure Skater
©Candian FIgure Skater
Brunch on the Patio
©Brunch on the Patio
Brunch on the Patio
©Brunch on the Patio II
Red-Winged Blackbirds
©Red-Winged Blackbirds SOLD
Lovey Dovey
©Lovey Dovey
Brunch on the Patio
©Don't Sass Me
Red-Winged Blackbird
aka "Stay Away From My Nest!"
Brunch on the Patio
©What You Lookin' At?
Juvenile Cardinal S.Carolina


Magpie Series

Solitary One Magpie Lookout
©Solitary SOLD ©One Magpie ©Lookout
Scavenger Waiting Waiting II
©Scavenger ©Waiting ©Waiting II
Cold Magpie Solitaire  
©Cold SOLD ©Solitaire SOLD  




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