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Iris 2016
İScott's Black Iris
Seeking Sunlight
©Seeking Sunlight
Yellow Iris
©Yellow Iris
Peggy's Iris
©Aardvark Lark

©Last One Had to be White
Poppies & Cornflowers
©Poppies & Cornflowers
Canada Two  Canada One
©Canada One and Canada Two - Still Homesick (Diptych)
Quick Draw
©Quick Draw

Roadside Art
©Roadside Art

©Fran at the DAM
Quick Draw
Dena's Vacation
©Dena's Vacation
Painting Portraits
©Painting Portraits
Connie in the Iris Garden
©Connie in the Iris Garden

Quick Draw
©Quick Draw: Jeanne


©Spring Shadows
Garden Sentinels
©Garden Sentinels

©What You Lookin' At?
Juvenile Cardinal S.Carolina

©Lily Lake Reflections III

©Lily Lake Reflections II
Land Pattern 13
©Land Pattern #13
Taos Sunset I
©Taos Sunset I

©South Platte River Deckers

©O'Fallon Park

©Tyndall Glacier RMNP

©The Snow Fighter


©Rocks in the Creek

©Frisco Log Cabin
Peggy's Iris
©Peggy's Iris

Noell's Red Truck

©On Top of the World

©Mountain View Bear Creek

©Front Range Late Fall

©Rabbit Brush

©Junk Yard

©Spring Willow

©Highline Winter

©Aspen Forest
Peggy's Iris
©Stars & Stripes Forever

©Vail Autumn

©Down the Garden Path
One Purple
©One Purple

©Pumpkin Patch Hudson Gardens

©Willows & Cattails

©Lily from a Friend

©Ranger Cottage Chautauqua
Chimayo Lilacs
©Chimayo Lilacs
Georgia's Country
©Georgia's Country
Poppies & Iris
©Poppies & Iris

©Opposites Attract

©Iris Garden
My Iris
©My Iris
Orange & Blue
©Orange & Blue

©South Platte
La Loma Plaza
©La Loma Plaza
Down by the Creek
©Down by the Creek
Storm Clouds
©Storm Clouds
Sunflower Field
©Sunflower Field
One White One|
©One White One
The Sound of Water
©The Sound of Water
©City Red
Endo Valley
©Endo Valley
Sunflower Field 2004 - 1
©Sunflower Field 2004 - 2
Dutchman's Dream 2
©Dutchman's Dream 2
Miller Mesa
©Miller Mesa

©Tin Roof
Mountain Road
©Mountain Road
Iris Montage
©Iris Montage
Favourite Floral 2
©Favourite Floral 2
Orange Iris
©Orange Iris

©Copeland Park

©The Round Barn
Taking Flight
©Taking Flight

©For Jean
Wilting in the Midday Sun
©Wilting in the Midday Sun
The San Juans
©The San Juans
Earlier Hollyhocks
©Earlier Hollyhocks
Red Rocks Park
©Red Rocks Park
Autumn Hills
©Autumn Hills
Upper Bear Creek
©Upper Bear Creek
Breck Blues
©Breck Blues
Lake on the Grand Mesa
©Lake on the Grand Mesa
Run Off Delaney Farm
©Run Off Delaney Farm
Mitchell Creek Canyon
©Mitchell Creek Canyon
House on a  Hill
©House on a Hill
Off Canyon Road
©Off Canyon Road
Sunflower Field 2004 - 1
©Sunflower Field 2004 - 1
Columbine II
©Columbine II
Favourite Floral 3
©Favourite Floral 3
The Sunset Years
©The Sunset Years
Spring on Trail Ridge Road
©Spring on Trail Ridge Road
Sunflower Field 2001-2
©Sunflower 2001-2
My Hollyhocks
©My Hollyhocks
Iris Garden
©Iris Garden
Sangre de Cristos I
©Sangre de Cristos I
Blowing in the Wind
©Blowing in the Wind

Summer Garden
©Summer Garden
Spice of Life
©Spice of Life
Favourite Floral 1
©Favourite Floral 1
Afternoon Shadows
©Afternoon Shadows
Iris Adobe
©Iris Adobe
Cone Flowers
Maroon Bells
©Maroon Bells
©Forbidden Fruit
Horseshoe Valley
©Horseshoe Valley
Day in Heaven
©Day in Heaven
Autumn Hills II
©Autumn Hills II
Rocky Mountain National Park
©Rocky Mountain National Park

©Yellowstone II

©Lilac Time

©Canada Series (Diptych)
Blooming Tree/Adobe
©Blooming Tree Adobe
Front Porch
©Front Porch Warm & Inviting
Quick Draw
©Quick Draw
Road to Nowhere
©Road to Nowhere
Rocky Mountain National Park Winter
©Rocky Mountain National Park Winter
As Far As The Eye Can See
©As Far As The Eye Can See
Land Pattern 7
©Land Pattern #7
Land Pattern 9
©Land Pattern #9
Red-Winged Blackbirds
©Red-Winged Blackbirds
Storm Coming
©Storm Coming
The Rim Road
©The Rim Road
Yellowstone Regeneration
©Yellowstone Regeneration
Cold Magpie
Solitary - Magpie No. 7
Land Pattern 7
©Land Pattern #7
Land Pattern 9
©Land Pattern #9
Land Pattern 12
©Land Pattern #12
The Summer of the Hollyhocks 2004
©The Summer of Hollyhocks 2004
Canada One Canada Two
©Canada One and Canada Two - Still Homesick (Diptych)
©Bear Creek Inspiration II (Triptych)
The Vanishing Front Range
©The Vanishing Front Range
Estes Park Sunset II
©Estes Park Sunset II
Gladys My Love
©Gladys My Love
The Bitterroot
©The Bitterroot
Highline Canal
©Highline Canal
Helen Hunt Falls
©Helen Hunt Falls
Bible Park Winter
©Bible Park Winter
Newcastle Colorado
©Newcastle, CO
Ruxton Avenue - Manitou
©Ruxton Avenue - Manitou
Manitou Springs
©Manitou Springs
Sunflower Field
©Sunflower Field
Cherry Creek Autumn
Orange Surprise
Memorial Day
©Steamboat Springs Botanical Gardens
©Orange Surprise
©Memorial Day
Manitou - Living on a Hill
Painted Violin
MacGregor Ranch Abstract
©Manitou - Living on a Hill
©Painted Violin
©MacGregor Ranch Abstract
Cherry Creek
Cafe Sculpture Garden
Lady Louise & Cornflowers
©Cherry Creek
©Lady Louise & Cornflowers
Lari O' The Bear
Bear Creek I
©Lair O' The Bear
©Cafe Sculpture Garden
©Bear Creek I
Roadside Art
Purple and Proud
Oak Street
©Roadside Art
©Purple and Proud
A Margarita Moment
©Oak Street
Last Light
Wildflowers & Sage
©A Margarita Moment
©Last Light
©Wildflowers & Sage
Dena's Vacation
Helen Hunt Falls
Fresh Snow
©Fresh Snow
©Dena's Vacation
©Helen Hunt Falls
Late Light Taos
McGregor Ranch Dusk
The Ice House
©Late Light Taos
©McGregor Ranch Dusk
©The Ice House
Garden of the Gods
On The Way to Telluride
Duncan Farm
©Garden of the Gods 06
©On The Way to Telluride
©Duncan Farm
Saphire Range
Christmas Lights
South Platte Park
©Saphire Range
©Christmas Lights
©South Platte Park
Lone Tree Cloud Study
Home on the Range
©Lone Tree / Cloud Study
©Home on the Range
Mt. Abrams
Spring Blossoms
©Mt. Abrams
©Spring Blossoms
©Boulder Creek
High Country Road
©High Country Road
©March by the Creek
Water Lily
Cherry Creek Autumn
Dale's Portrait
©Water Lily
©Cherry Creek Autumn
©Dale's Portrait
Dutchman's Dream Colour Study
©Dutchman's Dream (Colour Study)
©Let's Lunch
Taos Sunset
©Taos Sunset
Bible Park
Chatfield Pumpkin Patch
©Bible Park
©Chatfield Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch
Foothills Farm
West Plum Creek
©Pumpkin Patch
©Foothills Farm
©West Plum Creek
Estes Park Sunset
South Platte Park
1870's Cemetery

©Estes Park Sunset

©South Platte Park
©1870's Cemetary
Road to Ouray
Sunflower Field 2003-1
©Road to Ouray
@Sunflower Field 2003-1
My Hollyhocks
Old Hollyhocks
©My Hollyhocks
©Old Hollyhocks
His  Son's Truck
Red Mountain Pass
©His Son's Truck
©Red Mountain Pass
Go West
The Garden Shed
Water Lily Pond
©Go West
©The Garden Shed
©Water Lily Pond
The Bitteroot Valley
©The Bitterroot Valley
Stars & Stripes
©Stars & Stripes
Silver Plume
Carmel Mission
©Silver Plume
©Carmel Mission
Sutton Ranch
Summer Art Market
Sangre de Cristos II
©Sutton Ranch
©Summer Art Market
©Sangre de Cristos II
Old Bryant Ranch
Lair O the Bear
©Old Bryant Ranch
©Lair O' the Bear
Western Slope Autumn Western Slope Autumn 2
©Autumn on the Mesa ©Western Slope Autumn ©Western Slope Autumn 2
Above Silverton
Los Animas River I
©Above Silverton
©Los Animas River I
Lair O the Bear
©Lair O' the Bear
Old Bryant Ranch
©Old Bryant Ranch

©East Bank Park
St. Phillip in the Field
©St. Phillip in the Field

©South Platte River Deckers

©Corn Patch

©Morraine Park RMNP

©Tyndall Glacier RMNP
©Flying J Ranch

İO'Fallon Park

©Fraser River

©Elk Meadow Fog

İFrisco Log Cabin

©Longs Peak at Lily Lake

©McClure Pass Colours

©Morraine Park

©Wildflowers Smell Divine



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