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                                                          November 2016


2016 Women Artists of the West

46th National Exhibition

November 15 – December 13, 2016

at the RS Hanna Gallery

208 South Llano Street

Fredericksburg, Texas 78624


Dec 2nd Opening reception and awards announced 6-9 PM

We will present the Allen Award to the “Best Plein Air” painting!

I have these paintings in the show:


©”Canadians Ice Skating”  14 x 18 Oil/Linen/Panel  


© "2016 Hollyhocks Abstracted" 14 x 11 Oil/Linen/Panel PA



To Purchase these paintings contact the gallery:

RS Hanna Gallery

208 South Llano Street ~ Fredericksburg, Texas  78624

Ph:  (830) 307-3071  Toll Free:  (855) 884-9517




Framed Image

November/December 2016


©Snowmelt 8 x 10 Oil/Linen/Panel


©Deer Creek Canyon Park 5 x 8 Oil/Linen/Panel Plein Air

©Canadians Figure Skating 24 x 24 Oil/Canvas



To purchase these paintings, contact:

Framed Image
5066 East Hampden Ave. 
Denver, CO 80222 
Hours: Tue-Fri 10-5:30, Sat 10-5



Six of my paintings are hanging in the Lobby of the new IMA Building

at the north end of Union Station

1705 17th Street, Denver, CO.

September 26th through January 2nd


You’re Invited: Artists Meet and Greet: Wednesday, November 02, 2016 1:00 PM-2:00 PM


Stop by and take a look when you are downtown!

Any of these would make a unique Holiday Gift!




                                                                          photo by Janice Wright


     The other artists showing are friends Deborah McAllister, Frances Gottlieb, and Michael Baum

All of the paintings are done en Plein Air!


To purchase these paintings contact:

Hilary DePolo 
Visual Arts Consultant
313 W. 2nd Avenue
Denver 80223




In the Studio…




Thanks Amy and Framed Image.




I’m playing with Abstract! This was an old painting from a workshop.

I’ve been painting on top of it, turning it, looking at it a lot (while I work on another painting).

No secret I love colour!


cid:image053.jpg@01D232D9.65FF7C20  cid:image054.jpg@01D232D9.65FF7C20 cid:image055.jpg@01D232D9.65FF7C20  cid:image056.jpg@01D232D9.65FF7C20


Do I paint over it with some white? Black? These are my favourite coloursQuinacridone Violet,
Cerulean Blue, Cad.Yellow.

Get rid of the little “tree” that makes it look like a landscape?

Any thoughts on this one? I’d love to hear them!

Stay tuned!



Shows You Must See!

Brushstrokes Studio

With our longstanding friends:

Anita Mosher

John K Harrell

Kit Hevron Mahoney

Kelly Berger


November 19: "Kitchen Sink"

Opening reception Saturday, 5-7 pm,

with preview on the preceding Friday November 18 (noon-5 pm).
(1487 S. Broadway, Denver)

This eclectic new show series features small collections by each Brushstrokes artist, across the style and theme spectrum.   


Enjoy a visit to a working studio gallery with great hospitality!

Always some treasures to find.

10% of original art sales will be donated to Colorado hunger relief non-profits during this show.






“Midday, Midtown” Acrylic 40x30



“Unfolding Dimension” Oil/Mixed Media 36 x 60




“Rainy Reds” Acrylic 30 x 40







"Exit 202" oil 30x40


Brushstrokes Studio-Gallery | 303-871-0800 |1487 S. Broadway  Denver, CO 80210 |



Artist Feature:

Peggy Immel


Master Signature Member Plein Air Painters of New Mexico,  Signature Member Plein Air Artists Colorado,

Associate Member California Art Club, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic,

Oil Painters of America, American Impressionists Society




   ©Immel Ridgeline 9 x12 Oil Sold


You won the 10th Allen Award in the Plein Air Artists Colorado (PAAC) show in 2014 for "Ridgeline". Your work has just gotten better it seems since then! What do you think contributes to your growth? Do you have a daily studio practice or how often do you work at it? What percentage is studio and Plein Air?


I am so proud to have received the Allen award. It means a lot to me that you and Dave honored my work. And I’m pleased that you think my paintings are getting better! Frankly, I am not sure what contributes to any growth in my work, but I do know that I am always striving to get better by reading, watching videos, talking to other artists, asking for critique, visiting galleries and museums and just looking at great art. And I paint as much as possible. You know, I always think my next painting is absolutely going to be the best painting  I’ve ever done so I’m always anticipating success. But then when I finish, I find that I am never really totally satisfied with what I’ve painted…so I’m always looking for what would make a painting better. I like the quote I heard recently about the great cellist, Pablo Casals. When asked why he was still practicing 4 or 5 hours a day at 83 he said “ Because I think I’m making progress.” So, Leslie, I am psyched to hear you think my work is showing growth!


I do have a daily studio practice and try to paint 5 days a week. Sometimes it’s 7 days a week for 12- 15 hours a day if I’m preparing for a show and sometimes it’s less than 5 days a week if there is more clerical work to do. Appointments in Santa Fe or Albuquerque sometimes cause interruptions to a regular work schedule.  My son is grown so my husband, Steve, and I have pretty flexible schedules but we do try to maintain regular hours, always have dinner together and get plenty of sleep. We live a pretty comfortable and normal life in a very spectacular place here in Taos. About half my work is studio and half is Plein air.


We all want to know... how do you juggle your family life with your art time? And how much time do you spend on the non-art things like marketing, etc.? Do you have an assistant? ;-)


Usually it doesn’t feel like I’m juggling very well. Painting and family time are easy to balance once one’s kids are grown. It doesn’t take a very good juggler to do that. And, Steve is a photographer so he is busy with his art all day leaving me free to focus on mine. It’s all the other stuff that is difficult. I’m finding that I’m spending more and more time on non-art things….like marketing….or framing……I don’t have an assistant but have seriously thought about getting one to do the framing for example. Every so often I have a little (or big) fit about how much time is being taken away from my painting time by all the other things. And this year I agreed to co-chair the PAPNM 8th National Juried Members Show which is being held in Santa Fe at Sorrel Sky Gallery, so that has added even more administrative work to my schedule. Like everyone else I’m looking for an answer to this. I think a lot of the marketing things need to be systematized to make them more automatic and faster to do. That’s one of the things I’m trying to accomplish this year…but of course organizing takes time….


©Immel Lush oil 16x20 Plein Air


What artists do you admire? Living or deceased. Who did you study with? Do you still take workshops or do you teach workshops?


There are so many great artists …. It’s hard to pick only a few and my list changes and evolves over time also. But, my favorite artist is, and has been for many years, Jamie Wyeth. I love his humor and the emotional content of his work. I remember the first time I visited the Farnsworth in Rockland and saw some of his originals. Just mind boggling. There was a painting of a girl on a swing at night and I’m still  awe every time I see it. Pasting it here for you to see!  


I also love Rembrandt, Sargent, Homer, Sorolla and NC and Andrew Wyeth from the list of great old dead guys. And another living great I admire besides Jamie Wyeth is Richard Schmid.


My studies in art are eclectic. I began by studying architecture at Arizona State University for a couple of years and continued to take courses in art while my son was young and Steve was working in the corporate world. I took classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the DeCordova Museum School in Lincoln, MA, and the Silvermine Arts Center, New Canaan, CT, where I studied with Jack Pellew. He was my first Plein air teacher. He always did a demonstration at the start of the class and one week it would be in oil and the next week in watercolor. Then we would paint outside and he would critique at the end of the class. I was painting with watercolor at the time. I’ve also taken individual workshops from Charles Gruppe, Tony Van Hasselt, Jeanne Mackenzie, Laura Robb, Jill Carver and Koo Schadler. I still try to take a workshop from a different artist at least every other year. I like being challenged and a workshop is a great environment for that.


I do teach workshops but have consciously limited it to only a couple a year. I’ve been teaching a short 3 day studio landscape workshop in March for Sorrel Sky since they began representing my work. Next year in 2017 it will be at the end of April in Durango and will be a Plein air workshop. And this year in August I taught a 5 day Plein air workshop here in Taos. I hope it will become an annual tradition and be something people look forward to.


What don't we know about you? What are your plans for the future? Where do you want to take your work in the future? What shows are upcoming for you? Any solo shows?

One thing many people don’t know about me is that I used to teach rock and ice climbing when I lived in New Hampshire. When my son left for college I took up rock climbing and then mountaineering and ice climbing. We had a wonderful climbing community on the east coast and during that time I was able to climb in Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, and all over the US. It is an exhilarating sport bordering on an art form I think. When we moved to Taos the time I spent climbing gradually declined, but I still maintain my American Alpine Club membership, keep in touch with my climbing friends and partners and have some brand new Black Diamond ice screws stored with my Black Diamond Cobra ice axes just in case I decide to go back to it. And I keep my rock shoes and chalk bag in my car to this day.


My plans for the future are pretty simple. I want to paint better and I want to paint more. And I want to keep exploring and experimenting with painting. Every so often I break out the egg tempera stuff because I find that type of painting so compelling…. But after a day of it I remember why I love the freedom and speed of oils. I haven’t painted very much with Gouache but I did recently purchase some and think I would like to do some field studies with it.


I have a show coming up next March in 2017 at Sorrel Sky in Santa Fe with another artist who is a sculptor. And for the balance of this year I have work in the PAAC Show in Boulder at Mary Williams Fine Arts in September, am participating in the OPA Salon show at Castle Gallery in Ft Wayne, Indiana, have two pieces in an Invitational show of New Mexico artists sponsored by the New Mexico Highlands University Foundation, in Las Vegas, NM and will have two pieces in the PAPNM 8th National Juried Members Show at Sorrel Sky in Santa Fe in November.     
What do you want to say to my readers? (About 300-400 collectors, artists, friends, some dealers and curators.)

I’m delighted to have had the opportunity be interviewed and am honored that you thought of me Leslie. I do love to be around other artists. They are interesting and creative people….what is it folks always say about their tribe? “They are my people.” Well, artists are my people. And artists and collectors need each other. I am always thrilled when someone likes my work enough to buy it. It is such a privilege.
© Immel Cast Shadows Oil 16  x 20cid:image082.jpg@01D232D9.65FF7C20

                                                                                                © Immel Morada With Taos Mountain Oil 24 x 30





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©Hollyhock by the Window

I love to paint my hollyhocks! This little one really captures the light.




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