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November Artist’s Profile: J. R. Baldini

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Artists Profile: J. R. Baldini

You and I have never actually met. But I have “known you” for a few years now but as I look at your Bio, website, etc. I realize I don’t know you at all! I think we both became interested in art at the young age of about 10. Where did you study art and with whom? Was there a pivotal moment for you when you knew you would be an artist for life?


I was sent at the age of 10 to Munson- Williams- Proctor Institute School of Art in Utica, NY that became part of Pratt Institute in NYC, where I was able to use real oil grade school, I was the 'school artist'. That got me out of a lot of classes and seemed like A GOOD GIG. lol  My parents were my angels.

I was very fortunate to meet a wonderful watercolorist on Monhegan island, when my parents sent me there for a 2 week workshop as a birthday gift. He became my mentor and friend for the next 30 years. At the time, he was writing a book "Watercolor Bold and Free" and his last book, "My Life in Watercolor" was published posthumously. His name was Lawrence C. Goldsmith, AWS.

You hold the degree of Master of Photography, earned for the excellence of prints in International competitions and educational achievements, from the Professional Photographers of America and the Craftsman degree earned by publishing articles, teaching and presenting educational programs to other professionals. Tell us how you came to be an artist and photographer.


I first got thrown into photography when my sisters and I decided to start a business. After a year or two, my middle sister decided she didn't want to be a photographer anymore. I became a reluctant photographer.

I pursued it professionally and earned degrees and awards from the American Society of Photographers and Fuji in Tokyo. A few years ago, I was awarded lifetime membership from the Professional Photographers of America, for whom I taught workshops to professional photographers on the island of St. Lucia in the West Indies for eight years and was a program presenter for the PPA National Convention in New Orleans.

Did you pursue photography and art simultaneously? Which is your first love?


Painting is my soul, photography is a job I do. Both are connected in that they help me to communicate and connect with people on an emotional level. I think of them as, language without borders.

What was the best advice you ever got?


More of a silent affirmation, instead of advice, my parents brought us up to feel that there were no limits to what we could do, but we had to assume responsibility for our choices.


What percentage of your paintings are oil and what percentage watercolor? How do you choose to do oil or watercolor? Do you prepare to go out with either setup?


My love of watercolor came about as an attempt to move away from my classical old masters style of oil painting and was also when I started painting outdoors. Watercolor is a very intuitive medium (that's a whole other interview) but I was able to quickly loosen up and ultimately put my oils away for almost 25 years.  When I pick up my watercolors now, I usually do a session that can last a month or longer. I like to immerse myself in the luxury of watercolor play. It's more of an open mode play.



  Marina_7.5x9.5-WC                              Christmas Cove-14x20 WC


How much of your painting time is spent Plein Air and how much is in your studio? You’re such a busy lady; how much time do you actually get to paint?!


Studio painting at this time is pretty much just finishing what was painted on location.


Tell us some of the many awards you have won and which was the most meaningful to you?


Awards are nice in the moment, but quickly forgotten. I like to live in the now (as a famous book said not too long ago and if you ask me 'what's going on?’ - I answer pretty much like everyone else – 'not much', though my days are very full with the life I chose and yes, Mom and Dad, I take responsibility.


Well this is fairly recent and you’re so modest that I will post this:

 “I had the honor of being inducted into the Niagara Falls Arts & Culture Wall of Fame along with Director James Cameron, of AVATAR and TITANIC fame. I was especially honored to be included with the names that make up the Wall of Fame. VIDEO HERE

I thought this was awesome! And you spoke so well.

You conduct workshops on Monhegan Island, Maine every year. And painters return every year. What draws you there to paint every year?


“I could paint Monhegan for another hundred years”


How many workshops/years have you done this annual trip to Monhegan?

I've been painting Monhegan since the 70's. It feels as if my soul lives there and I can only be away for so long before I need to revisit it.
I've been presenter for the Art & Visualization Retreat with a clinical psychologist for 12 years.

Lobstercove_Monhegan_Island22x28 Oil      


Love this piece, Lobstercove! The abstract elements are wonderful and the colours are so beautiful.


Thanks, Leslie.



Night Light oil on canvas 8 x 8         The Sun Also Rises (The Red House) 6 x 8 Oil on canvas


A little “plug”:

10 Secrets to a

Great Workshop Experience ?


I love your paintings of Niagara Falls! Makes me think of home (Ontario). I just think they are magnificent.



 “Niagara Whispers” 8x8 oil on linen                          Overcast Day at Niagara – 12x12 oil on linen



Northamerican_Icon_12x24 Oil                                November_Niagara_Falls-7x7 Oil

                                                                                                                                          ( I painted this with an Amex card when I forgot my brushes one day at the Falls 'don't leave home without it' lol)

You are the Executive Director and Founder of International Plein Air Painters.

What compelled you to set up this International group of Plein Air Painters?


It was the Fall of 2001 – we had just come through one of the most horrific events in NY, US history.

As I sat in Niagara Falls, Canada glued to the TV, I was inconsolable as I watched my beloved NY and fellow Americans in an unbearable tragedy. It was days after that, that I decided I would not put off things I deeply cared about. As a Plein air painter, I did not fit into any art groups in Canada and the groups in NYS were all regional – clearly this called for erasing borders. And I so remember the excitement, also nervousness as I pushed the button to create the first internet group. I named it International Plein Air Painters. And I am humbled for the support, encouragement and the wonderful artists I have met from around the world, who both make up the membership and interact with the membership. There have been no egos, no disagreements, nothing negative in the 16 years IPAP has been around.

After the very first Paint Out, there were new Plein air groups formed worldwide by artists finding each other and painting 'out in the open air' our new French title of Plein Air Painters!

I am blessed and grateful to have been an instrument in this movement.

(Statement of Purpose

International Plein Air Painters is a blanket organization created for the sole purpose of advancing the execution and enjoyment of Plein air painting without the restrictions and limitations of borders or regions.

Membership is restricted to Plein air painters, those serious to learn about Plein air painting and those who wish to be benefactors advancing the Plein air movement. )



         Prince of Wales    12 x 12 Oil on panel             Crabapple Blossoms 6x6 Oil on deep gallery wrap

                                                                                                            (Hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake)



So amazing with our group of artists to be going into IPAP’s 16th year.”



I know how you feel! We started our “Plein Air Artists Colorado” PAAC back in the early 90’s and it is amazing to see it still going strong.

And you organized the first International WORLDWIDE ‘paint out’ for Plein Air Painters Globally in September 2003.  I first heard of IPAP in 2008 when I was invited to take part in the IPAP World Tour. I was really honored at the time to take part! I was in the shows at the Cultural Arts Center, Estes Park, Colorado; the Old School House Art Center, Qualicum Beach, BC; and Terrace Gallery, Orlando, Florida. IPAP went on to do shows in St. Augustine, The Link Gallery in Door County, WI, the Karpeles Museum in Newburgh, NY and The New Century Gallery in NYC.

I also set up some Plein air paint outs in Rocky Mountain National Park with IPAP and PAAC for WORLDWIDE paint out day. It was fun and drew Plein air painters unaffiliated with PAAC. What a great idea this was! You really think BIG!


Tell us how the Worldwide paint out works.


The International Plein Air Painters Great WORLDWIDE Paint Out started small in 2002 and went on to include worldwide locations in 2003. The purpose of the worldwide Paint Out back then, was twofold. One was to help Plein air painters find each other (and that was a great success) and the second was to help artists get recognition in their own communities by tying into a worldwide event.

Each location is welcome to register their group on the IPAP public website. There is no fee to register. Artists looking to join a location or set up a group simply fill in a form and the information becomes public.

While the event is hosted by International Plein Air Painters as an umbrella group, each location is its own entity and run as a simple paint out; a paint out with events such as exhibits, quick draws or awards.

Some artists register and paint alone. The event is artists painting all over the world on the same weekend. It's that simple. In September the Great WORLDWIDE Paint Out dates are September 7 – 9, 2018.  The registration page is up and running in February each year, as groups start to plan their events.


Tell us something we don’t know about you!


I promote organizations, events, members, but am shy to approach galleries because the last two in North Carolina and Wisconsin that I was represented by closed and did not return my paintings.


What’s up for you in 2018?


I have a workshops newsletter that updates locations around the end of November each year.

2 day workshop in Sarasota/Anna Maria Island March 1 & 2

Workshop website:

The Monhegan workshop dates, Niagara dates will also update in November.

Monhegan Island workshop is about using your art as a communication tool. Our clinical psychologist assists with creative visualization techniques to help participants find their painting voice.

Emphasis in the workshop is about growing as an artist, while experiencing the magical light and energy of the island, long known to artists for centuries. Come with an open mind and leave with a full heart. Truly, "The Island That Time Forgot" - step off the boat in into a slower pace of life, like it was  50 - 60 years ago...

What galleries show your work?


Niagara Fine Arts Gallery     


Is there something you’d like to talk about that I didn’t bring up?


Personal goals for 2018 include finishing my book about Art and Psychology and working up some of my Plein air studies into larger canvases.

Author of the upcoming book – “Permission Granted”


Goals for IPAP – finding a location for a members’ meet up

Looking into reviving the World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Artists


Looks like you’ll have your hands full! Can’t wait to read your book and see your larger canvases. It would be wonderful to have the World Tour revived.

Much success to you in all your endeavors.


"Up River" 8x8 oil on canvas


Contact J. R. for information about all artwork.




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